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2-in-1 Kiosk Smart Cable

2-in-1 Kiosk Smart Cable

MFi Certified Lightning Adapter

2-in-1 Kiosk Smart Cable

2-in-1 Kiosk Smart Cable

Lightning Connector

2-in-1 Kiosk Smart Cable

2-in-1 Kiosk Smart Cable

Micro-USB Connector

Micro-USB with Lightning Adapter




Smart Devices are getting more and more popular than using traditional point shoot cameras. As a result of this, consumers are more likely to print their pictures from their Smart phones or tablets. Since there are many different types of connectors for these devices, it is hard for the kiosk builder to support them all.

Atech Flash Technology (AFT), one of the fastest growing digital kiosk card reader manufacturers has addressed this issue and is offering a simple combination 2-in-1 Smart Cable. The Micro-USB cable has built-in Lightning adapter. By choosing this simple solution, it only requires 1 USB port and makes cable managment much easier.





  • Apple MFi Certified Cable

  • Micro-USB Connector for Smart Devices

  • Lightning Adapter for iPhone 5, iPhone 5S, iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone 6S, iPhone 6S Plus, iPhone SE, iPad mini, iPad Air, iPad Pro

  • 1 Meter Length





Dimension (L):

1 Meter

Power Requirements:

USB Bus-powered


Certifications and Regulations:

Apple MFi Certified
Made in China



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