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EX-DV3 Kiosk Serviceable DVD-Drive

EX-DV3 Kiosk Serviceable DVD-Drive

5.25" Slot-Load DVD-Drive

EX-DV3 Kiosk Serviceable DVD-Drive

EX-DV3 Kiosk Serviceable DVD-Drive

Service Key to Eject DVD Module

EX-DV3 Kiosk Serviceable DVD-Drive

EX-DV3 Kiosk Serviceable DVD-Drive

DVD Service Module





Photo Kiosk Systems are getting more and more popular due to the high growth of digital photography. As a result of this, kiosks in high commercial or industrial usages require their components to be serviced more frequently due to the increase in wear and tear. Ease of serviceability is the key to decreasing down time for the kiosk owner.

Atech Flash Technology (AFT), one of the fastest growing digital kiosk card reader manufacturers has addressed this issue and is offering a Serviceable DVD-RW Drives. The EX-DV3 has all the functions of a DVD-RW Drive, but its main strength is its serviceability. It comes with a key specially designed to eject and remove the serviceable part of the DVD system. Replacing or updating the EX-DV3 unit only takes a few minutes versus an hour or more using conventional DVD-RW Drives.

To keep things simple, the EX-DV3 is a based on the traditional 5.25" drive bay size so you can add this to your existing USB enabled PC system or Kiosk System.  Utilizing the SuperSpeed USB 3.0 interface, it is the best solution for performance, reliability and value. This will also ensure that compatibility or upgradeability for existing kiosks or PC systems.





EX-DV3 has many great features that utilize today's latest technologies.

  • Serviceable DVD-RW DriveSystem for easy replacements

  • Specially designed key to eject DVD cartridge

  • Slot Load Slim DVD-RW Setup

  • Fits into standard 5.25” drive bay

  • No Tools required to Service DVD unit

  • Patented Design by Atech Flash Technology,Inc.


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